Process of Treatment

First Day

Patients will receive psychological counseling from psychologists and free examination from physicians. 60 minutes~

Physicians will introduce the comprehensive treatment and check the details of patients’ current situations. Then physicians will verify the results of examination.
In the first day of examination, physicians only check the results of examination To ascertain the causes of eating disorder, more than 60 items of biochemistry tests and additional tests base on necessity will be carried out.

  • Cost of Biochemistry Test
    (Blood sampling+urine sampling)
    15,000yen (without tax)

  • Cost of Data Analysis
    (First Time)
    20,000yen (without tax)

※Base on the necessity, physicians may add tests.
After a Week

Physicians will exam patients base on the date from biochemistry tests and additional tests and ascertain the treatment

Fee for physicians’ first examination 5,000yen (without tax)/20minutes

Curative time is approximate 3~6 months, while time will be different according to different people. Cost of treatment per month during the process is about 70,000~100,000yen.

All the treatment will be included in the medical expenses on principle.

There is a possibility to add alimentotherapy, chelating therapy and treatment to improve the intestinal environment.
There will be assistant courses carried out by nutrition manager to guide individual diet. Meanwhile you will be invited to take part in a class on healthy weight-lose, in which you will learn how to keep figure even if you don’t want to control diet.

After About 3 Months

One course (about 3 months) of the treatment is over. Reexamination will be carried out.

  • Reexamination15,000yen (without tax)

  • Fee for physicians’ reexamination5,000yen(without tax)/20minutes

Cost of Treatment

Basic Fee for Examination

Fee for psychological counseling during the first examinationFree

Fee for Biochemistry Tests

More than 60 items15,000yen (without tax)
Reexamination setⅠ10,000yen (without tax)
Reexamination setⅡ5,000yen (without tax)
Reexamination setⅢ3,500yen (without tax)
Fee for date analysis (first time)20,000yen (without tax)
Fee for first examination (20min)5,000yen (without tax)
Fee for reexamination (20min) 5,000yen (without tax)

Fees for All Kinds of Tests

Active Oxygen Damage Inspection(Japan)12,000yen (without tax)
Urinary Excretion of Heavy Metals(U.S.)25,000yen(without tax)
Intestinal Environment Imbalance (CDSA) Check(U.S.)67,000yen(without tax)
IgG Food Allergy Tests40,000yen(without tax)

Fee for Treatment

Fee for Treatment of Alimentotherapy
(Fee for nourishment for treatment)
[treatment]About 70,000yen ~
(On average every month)
[maintenance]About 30,000yen ~
(On average every month)
Fee for Chelating Drip
(There are about 7 times in a process of treatment for female)
Once:15,000yen(without tax)