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Greeting from Clinic・HYGEIA

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Clinic HYGEIA has some differences with other common clinics.
In the common clinics or hospitals, Pharmacotherapy is the usual way for treatment. However, in our clinic, it’s possible to say that treatment is carried out without any medication.

Because base on Molecular integration of nutrition medicine, Immunization Therapy, Chelating Therapy and Natural hormone replacement therapy that imported by us, comprehensive treatment of modern medicine is combined base on the necessity. We are different.
In this Clinic HYGEIA, there are patients feeling tension because of unawareness of the causes; there are also patients wanting to be completely cured without taking storied medication or antipsychotics.
Most treatment of modern medicine is using medication or operation to eliminate symptoms, which is called symptomatic treatment.
However, patients whose causes and treatment have been ascertained are no more than 20%. The rest 80% of patients are still unaware of their causes.
Thus, modern medicine can effectively prevent symptoms or control the condition, but it’s inefficient to cure completely.
However, only if the causes are removed that can patients be kept from illness.
To investigate the causes: malnutrition; inflammation (Intestinal dysbacteriosis→Immune disorder→Systemic inflammation); accumulation of hazardous substance (environmental pollutants like chemical substance or environmental hormones, etc. Harmful minerals like hydrargyrum, plumbum, cadmium, etc.), oxidization, saccharification combine together to damage the internal balance of human body, which will occur functional problems.
The first step to remove the functional diseases that occupied 80% of diseases and restore the origin vigor is to remove the causes as far as possible. Symptomatic treatment will yield twice the result with half the effect.
Health is the fundament of happiness.
Because of the mortal life of human, we are making efforts everyday to keep everyone from illness and nursing care and enjoy a healthy life in a limited life.