Complete cure eating disorder without reliance on medication. Clinic HYGEIA will guard health of females

Complete cure eating disorder without reliance on medication. Clinic HYGEIA will guard health of females

Is the eating disorder a psychological illness or a physical illness?

Commonly, eating disorder is regarded as a psychological illness.
Because the psychological problem will arouse the following symptoms:

  • Excessive food intake(Bulimia)
  • Vomiting up all the food after eating excessively(Binge eating and vomiting)
  • (Because of caution on calorie.etc)Unable to take in enough food(Anorexia)

However, is it appropriate to assert that the eating disorders are psychological illness only?

There are 5 million patients from eating disorder base on speculation.

Base on the survey on national epidemic diseases carried out by a scientific research team studying central eating disorders from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the number of patients from eating disorders was 5 million in 1980. It has reached 200,000 in the last-half year of 1990 after a rapid growth of 4 times.
In Japan, during the period of high growth in 1970s, eating disorders were regarded as diseases attributed to graceful girls from wealthy families. However, nowadays, the ill population has already reached 5 million. It has been a common occurrence compared with the situation 40 years later.
In these circumstances, multitudinous patients who were suffering from eating disorders gathered to our clinic all around the nation.
Many of these patients reflected that “Although they felt better after receiving psychotherapy on eating disorders in the psychological medicine department or the psychosomatic medicine department. However, I didn’t find any relief from the symptom of bulimia.” Or “There were not any improvement after I had been given prescription medicine. More than that, I was fear of taking medicine because of side-effect.” Aiming to solve psychological problems, the patients received psychotherapy without any improvement. Or they refused to take prescription medicine from the psychological medicine department or the psychosomatic medicine department. There were many patients reflecting so.

Eating disorder is defined as a kind of mental disorder. In the psychological medicine department or the psychosomatic medicine department of a hospital, psychotherapy or pharmacotherapy is usually taken as the standard treatment.
However in Clinic HYGEIA, such kind of treatment will be never carried out.
Because we consider that the reasons of eating disorder are not only on psychology, but also on physics.
The reason of attendant symptoms of eating disorder, such as dysphoria, tension, depression, irritability, insomnia, etc, can be also found on physics.
A common physical reason was discovered after we had carried out more than 60 projects of biochemistry detection as well as more than 5 hours of glucose tolerance test: modern malnutrition and hypoglycemia.
Every time when patients inquire the causes of eating disorder, they usually would be answered “extreme diet”. In fact, the causes includes fasting and anorexia occurred by stress, not limits to extreme diet. When patients lose weight substantially and fall into starvation, they will be attacked by eating disorder.

Paroxysm of eating disorder usually exists in adolescence. Many patients who are fare to inform families and have little knowledge on causes and treatment of eating disorder have to suffer from bitterness for 10 years, 20 years or even longer. It’s really a pity. Clinic HYGEIA will present you both a better understanding on the causes of eating disorder and a secure treatment to help you soon recover psychologically and physically.
Clinic HYGEIA will guard health of females.

Comprehensive Treatment of Clinic・HYGEIA

  • Molecular integration of nutrition medicine
  • Immunization Therapy
  • Chelating Therapy
  • High Density Vitamin C Intravenous Drip Therapy
  • Natural hormone replacement therapy
  • Modern medicine

Clinic・HYGEIA imported more than 60 projects of biochemistry detection and new testing technology that cannot be approached under standard treatment of Japan. We deem that to investigate the causes explicitly is the first step of treatment.
We accept science-based effective secure treatment with less side-effect. Necessary modern medicine is combined with our comprehensive treatment with the target of complete cure.
There are many kinds of diseases in the world that can be divided into two broad categories: organic disease and functional disease. Because modern medicine is more appropriate to cure organic diseases, while most of the functional diseases are considered as reason unclear or psychological disorder.
Eating disorder possesses physical symptoms as functional diseases; meanwhile, it also has clear reason as organic diseases.
Addition: Testing items permitted by Medicare, if it’s for foreigners, will be 22 at most.

3 Features of Comprehensive Treatment

There are 3 features in the comprehensive treatment of Clinic HYGEIA

1Fundamental Treatment

Through more than 60 items of biochemistry detection and necessary special test, reasons of eating disorder can be ascertained and completely cured.
Limits of treatment by using Medicare: tests are limited into a dozen items (22 at most) because of the points of Medicare.
Internal environment of the illness, or the functional reasons, cannot be verified without sufficient tests.

2No Side-effect

Nourishment is different from medication – Nourishment is the natural complex nutrients compounded by metabolism base on necessity. Nourishment is more secure than medication. There will be little side-effect as long as you take the nourishment under guidance of experienced physician. Medication is a sole ingredient, which doesn’t exist in human body, compounded by chemosynthesis. Although it suits the remedy to the case and gets effect instantly, it’s just a temporary medical relief with side-effect. Addition: There are more than 100,000 people died of side-effect in the U.S.

3Curative Time: 3 months ~Half a Year

To relieve the symptoms need approximate 3 months to half a year, but it’s different according to different people. The overall curative time is calculated by year.
Addition: Therapeutic effect is different according to different people.
Addition: If the symptoms tend to be worse, necessary curative time is probably prolonged.

Introduction of Physicians

Doctor Toshiaki Hata

Doctor Toshiaki Hata

Doctor Hata is an expert of the Japanese society for obstetrics and gynecology, graduated from the Medical Faculty of National Defense Medical College in 1982 and the Medical Graduate School of Tokyo Jikei University School of Medicine.
Doctor Hata used to work in National Defense Medical College Hospital, JSDF Central Hospital and served as the minister of the obstetrics and gynecology department in Mishuku Hospital.
Doctor Hata held the position the dean of Clinic HYGEIA

Introduction of Psychologists

  • Michiko Hasegawa

  • Noriko Tanabe (Nutrition Manager)

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